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Other players' experiences

A very nice game, with good brain crackers. Nice if you like puzzles and riddles. Even more fun if you also like to travel!

Ellen de Bruijn

It was a very fun game. We played this with 3 people simultaneously at different locations. (This is possible by opening the game for all 3 at a different location under the same account. Everyone must always fill in the solution themselves). It went well and it was very entertaining. It took us a little under 2 hours.

I hope there will be another online escaperoom made by you soon!

Jill Snelleman

Nice puzzles, only some were extremely easy and others were not. Because of this, you didn't know how difficult to think about it. We had a nice hour and a half on a rainy afternoon!

Maureen Vreugdenhil

Very difficult and therefore very challenging and fun, very well set up with questions where you really have to come up with the craziest but sometimes obvious solutions.

Esther Cordes

Awesome! Had a lot of fun with George (pronounced: Gorgee) and all the puzzles. Sometimes we thought a little too easy and sometimes way too difficult. All in all very nice! Hopefully all our attempts can't be read back… Haha, our Paint-adventure was especially enjoyable.

Mandy Potters

Had a nice time, but some puzzles were really far fetched, but by being able to use the hints you were usually pointed in the right direction. Occasionally, however, this was not enough and we really couldn't figure it out. Due to the varying questions there was a lot of variation and this made it very fun and successful. It felt good when a question was solved successfully. If it had been too easy, you would drop out faster yet now it kept us interested and facinated.

Martje van Cleef

This is a very nice escape room for a group of children aged 12/13. You have to think carefully and also investigate It feels like you are actually experiencing it. I really recommend it.

Marcha Haan

Game played with 2 adults and 3 kids aged 6, 9 and 11.
The game was very much fun. We found two assignments a bit far fetched and we had to use hints for this.
Recommended to do with your family on a rainy day. We spent about 2.5 hours on it with a short break in between.
It would be even nicer if music/videos were also incorporated.

Anke de Wilde

super fun escape room puzzles, but some puzzles were really a bit harder than the others. nevertheless it was a very nice experience and had a lot of fun with my girlfriend 😀

Jarno van Rhenen